Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sometimes it's not fair.

Last night my spanker (my husband) gave me a really nice spanking, after threatening me and saying all the things that he knows really turn me on (he loves to repeat "put you across my knee" a lot!). He pulled me across the bed and across his bent knee and gave it to me good until I was squealing and very warm. The thing is, once it was done and he had also done a lot of nice things to get me all relaxed and feeling good - I really didn't want to have sex. And for him, that's the payoff for spanking me and learning to Top me so well. So I feel guilty. I had a good reason, but I also feel that I don't need a reason - if I'm not into it, I'm not! It's not fair, I know. But sometimes a spanking is all I want. Call me a bad girl. He'll get back at me, no worries!

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