Saturday, November 15, 2008

What do you do with a tender heart?

I have a tender heart, a loving soul. Is this incompatible with my desires to play?? I don't know, but it seems that most if not all males just want to fuck you and will say ANYTHING to do so. I am not a cold, calculating person. I do not use people. I am also intelligent, but I want so much to trust, and I'm so compassionate, that maybe I'm gullible and too naive for most men I meet. I just have had a hard time believing that most if not all men just want to use me - I really thought that it was a ridiculous cliche, sure, true for some, but not most. I am becoming quite the cynic. I am also polyamorous, and this is most likely miscontrued as being "easy" - but as a friend told me, "most men don't care what it means, if they can fuck you - you can call it polygon". I'm toughening up for sure but I'm losing some of my optimism and love for people as well. We really are sucky, we humans. At least that's what I fear. And that feels so lonely.

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