Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Switches and self spanking...

So today I did something new. I was chatting with a spanko friend online about life, our kids, work etc. Somehow we got around to talking about switches; the kind you get spanked with. I mentioned that I had never been switched but was really intrigued about the whole scenario - ever since a friend of mine said that he had thought of making me cut a switch (but he didn'!). I've been curious ever since about what it would feel like to be ordered to go cut a switch. First of all, I'd be embarrassed. I have no idea how to choose, cut or prepare a switch - and I like to feel confident about things when I do them (I suppose the embarrassment is a big part of it though). I'd feel so silly! I'd probably stamp my foot and refuse to do it despite the consequences, just to avoid looking like an idiot LOL!
So I told my friend this and he suggested that I cut one and try it on myself, with his "guidance" (yeah, RIGHT). I thought about it and decided to do it - I've tried toys on myself before, no biggie. He told me what to do and I did it. I cut a medium sized switch off of my apple tree (about the thickness of the middle of my pinkie, about 18 inches long, as flexible as I could find). I tried to get all the bumpy parts off and even used my poceket knife to peel the bark off (yes, I have one - from when I was a kid - a pretty little mother of pearl handled one - still sharp enough for this!).
He told me to take everything off below my waist and bend over and give myself ten hard licks. I did, as hard as I could. It wasn't bad - stingy, whippy, with a lasting tingly burn. Then he had me do it fast, about 25 more licks. This hurt more - he said to do it less hard but I actually built up momentum and ended up hitting harder. That was fine - I wanted to see how hard I could do it! It stung and I got pretty warm , but it wasn't hugely painful. I just couldn't get the leverage to whip myself as hard as I think someone else would. Still, I had a few lines and redness. He told me I should have raised lines but I didn't. Leverage problem!
Next he had me switch the FRONT of my thighs, kind of on the inner thigh. Ten times each leg, hard. OK THIS HURT. More leverage obviously, plus this area is really sensitive. Definite marks and lasting stingy burn. I still feel it as I'm writing this and it's been a couple of hours. He had me do this a few times, both front and back and tell him how I felt. Then he had me grab my hairbrush and spank myself twenty times on each cheek hard. Well I CAN spank myself with the brush pretty hard - it's very heavy so if I get a good swing going, ouch. But I really have never self spanked - I just know from trying the brush out a few times. So yeah, the brush hurt and left me pretty red.
Another kind of funny thing about this -and I'm gonna get in trouble for this - is that I was on the phone with someone else for half of this switching experiment! I can never tell someone to call back LOL - besides, I kind of liked having someone hear me do this. But the result of that was that I got in trouble for that and had to spank myself with the DAMN BRUSH like fifty times for making my friend on the phone jealous!! Well, that and I said something bad about myself. Now I'm sore and probably bruised because he was listening and making sure it was hard. Ouch.
So ended my first exploration of self spanking and switching. Result? I am still intrigued with the switch and want to play with it. I actually like the lasting sting. In an experienced Top's hand, it could be quite a thrill. And yes, I know it would hurt. The whole "scene" of being threatened with it, being made to go cut it, etc, would be amazing I think. We'll see - maybe someday I'll get to do it for real. Oh, a Top with a sexy southern accent would just send me over the edge with that scene too. LOL!! In the meantime, I saved the switch for my hubby and we'll see how he does! He's going to most likely give it to me pretty hard tonight - any marks I have from this little experiment will just inspire him. GRRRR!
Self spanking? Eh, no biggie. Doesn't turn me on - but someone ordering me to do it while on the phone, scolding me, etc? Yeah, that does it for me, but it's the ordering and scolding more than the pain of spanking. I have too much real spanking experience to get really excited about anything less than being dragged forcibly across a lap!

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