Friday, October 31, 2008

The basics

I like to be spanked. That's it. Yes, it is arousing. VERY arousing. I don't get punished for real but I have high limits - I'm a bit of a masochist actually. The more aroused I become, the more I love the actual pain. But pain isn't the main thing for me - it's the domination. And no, I don't get as aroused by S and M or bondage - and anything that draws blood, etc really turns me off. But caring domination by a man who I know loves or at least likes me? MMMMMM...THAT pushes the right buttons. I can get into a bit of ageplay or schoolgirl play. That's fun. I have always been aroused by spanking, since I can remember - even at 3 or 4 I had fantasies. I was spanked a bit as a kid, but not really. Smacked a lot, but that's another story. So no - I'm not reliving my childhood. Maybe reliving a fantasy one where someone cares enough to formally spank me and "save me from myself"? Too much psychology, thanks (and I was getting a PhD in Psych at one time LOL). Positions? Good old over a lap works for me, as long as the guy can hold me - I'm strong and I really struggle. Any other position is fine too, but I love the intimacy of being held tightly over a lap or a knee. Implements? Hands are great as long as they are used hard enough. Hairbrush, paddles, belts - ooooh belts! I love belts because they are usually worn by the Dominant before being (ceremonially) taken off to spank me with. They actually don't hurt that much, but they make a lot of noise and I can really get into the whole "scene" with a belting. Yummy! I'm pretty open to trying anything. Like I said, get me aroused enough - or get a few glasses of wine into me - and I looooove a HARD spanking. The only problem with this is that I'll probably want to jump the spanker afterwards. LOL. But the thing is - I don't like the spanker to assume that there will be sex. It turns me off when someone I don't know calls me some endearment like "Baby" - because that let's me know that it's all about sex for them. Plus, I don't KNOW them! I'm very affectionate with friends, but until I know you, be appropriate please! Oh, and I love to be threatened. Hearing, or reading the phrase "put you across my knee" just drives me crazy - I'm wet immediately! My only problem with this desire of mine is that I'm liable to become overly attached to someone who dominates me. I'm trying to toughten up, but it's hard!
Oh, let me just toss this into the mix: I'm MARRIED...

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