Friday, December 5, 2008

Why don't I get RED???

Just posted some pics of my "damn fine ASS" as hubby reverently refers to it. Is it just me that doesn't get really red from spanking? I can get sore and hot but not red. We've tried to get me red for a pic, but I go from warm pink to bruised! Maybe I just bruise easily. It is frustrating! I've even BLED after days of spanking (chafing...), but none of that nice rosy color I see so much of. I'm thinking Photoshop!
Still happy with Brian, my new Top! He's attentive and affectionate, still fun and smart but nice and strict, the way I LOVE it. Of course, it's a long-distance relationship but we're both being open and honest with each other about the boundaries (I'm also married). Getting spanked over the phone now seems pretty natural; he's very good at scolding! I'm starting to resent my heavy hairbrush though...and I don't get really red from that either! More like pink, then bruised - unless it's so hard I get red speckles, but that spanking would have to be from him personally (or hubby) - I don't think I could spank myself that hard.

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